Our history



The first GOL flight leaves at 06.56 in the morning of January 15, a Boeing 737-700 from Brasilia International Airport heading for Conhongas Airport in Sao Paulo.


On March 17, GOL will start the Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo route, known as the Air Bridge. It is one of the busiest routes in Brazil


In December, GOL launches night flights, nicknamed "night owls". Since their introduction, these flights have become incredibly popular with an average occupancy rate of over 90.


GOL is listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), with over 33,050,000 shares sold bringing in R $ 878,138,500.00.


On September 16, GOL opens a new base in Boa Vista, Roraima, thus becoming the first Brazilian airline to operate in all of Brazil's state capitals.


On September 15, GOL will open its 17,300 m2 Aircraft Maintenance Center in Minas Gerais.


GOL acquires Varig on March 28, making it one of Latin America's largest airlines with over DKK 20 million passengers annually. 


GOL is the first Brazilian airline to allow its passengers to check in via their mobile phone. The project was launched at Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro.


GOL sets up Self Service machines in all of Brazil's major airports. Passengers using the machines do not have to queue at the check-in counters, thus saving time.


On June 2, GOL passes a milestone of DKK 1 million records of completed flights in the Flight Operations Quality Assurance system.


On January 15, GOL celebrates its 10th anniversary. In a decade, the airline's fleet has grown from six to 112 aircraft and has transported a total of DKK 160.6 million passengers.


In March, GOL was named the most accurate airline in Brazil. The prestigious appointment is the result of a program that the airline implemented in 2011 to ensure the implementation of a number of strategic improvements to aircraft operations.


On March 21, GOL will be the first airline in the world to sell tickets through Facebook


GOL and Air France-KLM announce a strategic partnership that extends the number of code share flights and thus provides passengers with both airlines more benefits


Pet owners may now bring their loved ones to the cabin, provided certain conditions are met. However, pets must be transported in specially designed boxes and must be able to be stored under the flight seat.


GOL launches its Premium Class to improve service and offer a better flight experience for its passengers. With Premium Class, passengers get exclusive benefits right from check-in to arrival. The new service is available on international routes.


In January, GOL achieves another leadership position in the Brazilian aviation industry. The airline was voted the most accurate airline in 2016 by the Official Airline Guide (OAG) in 2016.