Checked luggage

Depending on the type of ticked, checked luggage is either included or can be purchased in connection with booking. 

Ticket types

Light – does not include checked luggage
Plan Ahead – 1 piece of checked luggage of max. 23 kg included
Flexible - 1 piece of checked luggage of max. 23 kg included
GOL Premium* - 2 pieces of checked luggage on each max 23 kg included

*The ticket type is only available on international routes  

Allowed luggage weight – 23 kg (51 lbs)
Maximum dimensions – 50 x 28 x 80 cm (20 x 11 x 31 in)
(length, width and height)

Customers with a need to buy extra luggage after ticket issuance have the opportunity to buy directly at check-in or via My Reservations on our international website.

Note: Travelers who have purchased their ticket through this travel agency may also use My Reservations to purchase new luggage. The customer must log on ot the site with reservation number and last name.