Group rules


Fare basis: GROUP



Journey type: one way trip
Random group: round trip


Advance purchase: not applicable.


Minimum stay: not applicable.


Maximum stay: 11 months after the purchase date.


Stopover: Not allowed


Cancel or Changes: USD 60.00 per route and per passenger (allowed only if 10 seats are remained).




No-show: USD 100.00


Baggage allowance:
Between Brazil and North America Adult - 2 pieces of 32Kg each.
Children (CHD) - 2 pieces of 32Kg each.
Between other destinations (except Brazil) and North America Adult - 1 piece of 23Kg.
Children (CHD) - 1 piece of 23Kg. Other Destinations
Adult - A total of 23Kg altogether.
Children (CHD) - A total of 23Kg altogether.


Discounts: No discount applies for Children (CHD) among 02 (Two) years and 12 (Twelve) years.
Infant (INFT) under 02 (Two) years must be held on an adult's lap, at no charge, on domestic flights GOL (G3). Infant (INFT) under 02 (Two) years must be held on an adult's lap, with charge of 10% (Ten percent) from Adult's (ADT) fare for international flights GOL (G3).
For international flights the luggage allowance is 10Kg or a piece of 10kg, depending on the destination, per Infant (INFT).
When buying a round trip ticket for an Infant (INFT) and infant becomes 2 (Two) years between the departure date and the return date, tickets must be purchased separately because for the return ticket the Infant (INFT) must pay an adult (ADT) ticket fare.


Miles credit at Smiles account: 30% of miles flown (only on GOL flights).


Minimum of passengers: 10


Combinability: It is not allowed to combine any other fare except those from G-class.


Unaccompanied minors (UMNR): Tickets purchased from July 01, 2013: USD 75.00 - per passenger and per segment. 


Deposit and Ticketing: GOL do not request any deposit. Ticketing must be made no later than 90 days before departure. You create a DUMMY PNR and make ticketing in the GDS. Remember to mail ticket numbers to

​Additional Information: 

  • Fare quoted in Dollar (USD).
  • The booking will be created in USD
  • If you have interest in the booking, we ask you kindly to return this e-mail with an ok.
  • Taxes and commissions are not included. Fare per pax is NET NET fare.
  • GOL Airlines does not transport children younger than 5 years without a responsible adult of at least 18 years old, with a legal authorization.
  • No more than 10 children with ages between 5 and 12 without a responsible adult (ADT) of 18 years or older, with legal authorization, are welcomed on board.
  • Reducing the booking requested to less than 10 passengers is not possible
  • A minimum payment for 10 passengers is required, if less, the booking will be cancelled. (The booking will lose group conditions). Cancellation/refund fee will apply.
  • If necessary to postpone the deadline for payment, the request should be done with 72 hours prior to the esteemed time limit, so we can verify the possibility to attend.
  • The name list must be sent to , at least 10 days before departure in working days.