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Can sports equipment be be carried as luggage? 

Bicycles, surfing equipment, skis, snowboards, bow and arrow, kitesurfing equipment, scooters, wakeboarding equipment and the like are usually carried as checked luggage. The equipment carried will be shipped and included in the traveler's allowed / purchased luggage. Sports equipment such as hanging gliders, kayaks and windsurfing boards should be carried with Gollog.

Can alcoholic beverages be carried in the luggage? 

Yes, as long as the former is over 18 and complies with a few rules.

Every buyer of 18 years or older is allowed to bring five liters of alcohol as long as each bottle holds a maximum of one liter. Alcohol carried must be sealed and obtained after security check at departure or transfer airport. Packed bottles can be transported in checked luggage or hand luggage as needed. Beverages must be sealed by the supplier. Beverages with a broken seal or with an alcohol content greater than 70% are not allowed on board.
Canned beverages, in cardboard or similar. are described by the same rules as above. The content can check with the traveler's approval. The passenger sincerely accepts the content control GOL completely disclaimer of any damage or tab, check it to perform on the product.


Can foldable cradles be carried as luggage?

Passengers who refuse with children under the age of 2 may bring folding cradles, folding beds and the like. Cradles and last must be properly folded, locked and packaged, and can only be brought as checked luggage.